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Good-bye Texas, See You Next Year


From the mouth of babes.  “Good-bye Texas see ya next year!” said Hannah as we watched Texas get smaller and smaller out the airplane window.  Those words just sank into my heart and I really, really realized that we are moving to Cambodia! For a year!

God’s GRACE has covered us these past two weeks.  The kids are doing remarkably well and are learning to thrive in our “new normal”.  The Khmer holiday, Pchum Ben, was last week so school was out.  This was good timing for our family.  The kids (and the adults) were not thrown into a new culture and the kids into a new school all at once. We spent most of our time exploring stores, eating great foods, visiting various places around Penom Phen and spending some much needed quality time together.  We were also able to find a house and sign a lease over that week.  The LORD blessed us with an affordable house, close to friends and close to school.  The last weeks before we left the states were filled with packing, packing, packing, more packing and moving our entire house into a storage unit.  It was nice to take some time for each other this week.

Chris and Susan started work today.  The kids began school.  I am now at the hotel with Jacob, cleaning up after the tornado that ran through our room.  All 5 of us have been in one hotel room for the past two weeks!  Talk about family togetherness!  We will have good days and difficult days but we pray that God be glorified through our interactions with new friends, and more importantly for each of us and our heart conditions.  Our inward heart condition will be reflected in our outward actions!

Many of you have asked for pics.  Here are a few, and there will definitely be more to come!


2nd First Day of School

2nd First Day of School


Stairs at the new house!

Stairs at the new house!

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