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January 2014 Update


The work for justice continues in Cambodia.  In December, IJM hosted a legal workshop with high-level police, court, and ministry officials from all over the country.  The workshop was an opportunity to educate many key stakeholders about the need for undercover investigation techniques.  I spent a lot of time helping the team prepare for the workshop.  We are thanking God for his hand over these past few weeks and trusting him to carry this forward in ways that are much bigger than us in 2014.  Read more about the workshop at

Jen’s Corner

Never a dull moment at the Sain house!  Christmas in Cambodia was full of differences and excitement.  We were able to maintain some of our family traditions and at the same time make new traditions, Cambodia Style.  The big present at our house was a “blow-up style” kiddie swimming pool for our front patio.  In true Hannah Grace style, she fell in the pool her first time out on her new bike!

The day after Christmas we all left for the beach for a long overdue break.  This was the first time (ever) at the beach for the kids. They had a blast splashing in the water and building sandcastles.  Just as much as the beach they loved watching the Disney Channel in the hotel room.  We are ready get back to school and reestablish our family routines.  With every passing day we become more comfortable (and stable) in our new home.

Update from Susan

I enjoyed the holiday rest with the family.  Now things are back in full swing at school and I am busier than ever.  I am teaching 10th grade English in addition to my other responsibilities.  It is quite a challenge.  I pray I can be effective for the Lord in all I do.

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“January 2014 Update”

  1. On February 3rd, 2014 at 11:06 am Barbara Aman Says:

    Jen, Looks like ya’ll are having fun in Cambodia! Ella misses Hannah every day. We sent a letter about two weeks ago…. in a pink envelope. I think we sent it to a Keller address.
    Everytime Ella eats a banana one of us says, “Hannah Banana”!! Don’t know how we could get them to SKYPE with the time difference, but I know she would love it. Blessing for continued joy and service! Barbara

  2. On March 28th, 2014 at 7:35 am Teresa Strauch Says:

    Susan! I would love to hear your voice Sister!
    I hope you’re doing well and think about you often. Many prayers for you and your family!

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