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March 2014 Update


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for 6 months. We when first arrived in late September, it felt like we were starting from square one in so many ways. New country on the other side of the world, new language, new ways of shopping, buying food, and getting around. Now that six months have passed, we have found our bearings and settled in at home, school, and work.

My role at IJM has grown considerably. I am developing a framework for monitoring and evaluating our justice system reform programs. The framework will help us better understand how our program activities improve the lives of vulnerable people and strengthen the local justice system. In addition to this, I am attending workshops with government and international stakeholders, contributing to program design and planning, and working closely with national staff to mentor and support them.

Jen’s Corner

Hannah and Caleb are doing great at school! They enjoy playing with friends from the neighborhood, playing dodge ball in our front patio area, and just running around like kids do! Hannah had her first official play date with some girls from her class. After her friends left she said, “That wasamazing, we have to do this again soon!”

Jacob and I have developed a closer bond in our time at home. We work on letters, numbers, and shapes throughout the week. He is like me and can’t wait to get out of the house, so we look forward to Wednesday play group every week.

Update from Susan

Learning support at Asian Hope and Logos is heading toward a strong finish for the school year. I have fallen in love with all my students and now have a vested interest in their education and success. The elementary students are progressing nicely in their reading. These are all English language learners who just need more time and help with English. My autistic student has assimilated beautifully with the class. But my happiest success these days is with my 9th graders. We have conquered a paper on the theory of atomic structure, written a persuasive letter to the government advocating for the rights of garment workers, read Romeo and Juliet, tackled the book of Judges and are writing a major paper on various subjects about rights and responsibilities of important events in history. This is giving me a run for my money. I now am “hosting” 2 boys’ behavior groups. Oh, those rascals!



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