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November 2013 Update


Greetings from Cambodia!

I can’t believe we have been here for two months! Things are busy at IJM Cambodia. My primary assignment is to help develop tools and processes to monitor and evaluate our work. This helps us assess where things are going well and where there are still gaps to address. This work is so important to ensure that our efforts lead to lasting, sustainable change that protects women and children. It has been great to get to know our amazing staff and see all of the work they have done over the past ten years to help strengthen the public justice system.

In other news, IJM Cambodia recently had our biggest operation of the year. Police raided two locations simultaneously to capture criminals and rescue girls from brothels that were fronted as massage parlors. This operation required a lot of prayer and perseverance to overcome many obstacles. Read more about the story on the IJM website – IJM Cambodia: Girls Trafficked to Two Brothels in the Heart of the City, Rescued in One Night.

Jen’s Corner
What a whirlwind last two months! The family is settling into a more “normal” rhythm. The household has a predictable and of course flexible schedule. Mornings, school/work, home, homework, baths, books, bed! The three bedtime rituals. At times the kids ask to skip the first B – Bath. Then we remind them we live in Cambodia and as soon as you walk outside you need another shower! Our part-time house helper has helped to alleviate some of my stress. I have a full time job with all the kiddos so it is nice to have help to do some of the daily work. I feel blessed to be settling in to our “new normal.” God has given me an unexplainable peace. Peace from God alone!

Update from Susan
School has been very busy and challenging but filled with purpose and reward. I am seeing more and more students. The challenge is keeping track of 16+ students’ individual needs from grade 2-8 and also teaching 14 students in grades 9-10 in a writing class, along with a midday tuk tuk ride to another campus. There’s never a dull moment at school as well as at home. I’m loving being in an active household. I’ve just finished getting my room, my sanctuary, all comfortable.

Prayer Requests

  • For the victims from the recent operation that continue to receive crisis care and our staff who are supporting them through this difficult time
  • For continued adjustment to our life overseas. Adapting to a new cultural environment can be difficult.
  • For Susan as she goes on staff retreat this Thursday – Saturday. For refreshment and building relationships with colleagues.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We are thankful for your support and partnership with us in God’s work of justice in Cambodia.




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