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October 2014 Newsletter and Support Update


Hello from Cambodia!

Just a couple of weeks ago marked our one-year anniversary since moving to Cambodia. It is funny how it seems like both forever and just a moment since we left the U.S. If you haven’t heard already, we have extended our stay here through June 2015.

Being here for a year has opened our eyes to new ways that people experience life. We have seen firsthand how many people struggle daily for food and education for their kids. We have seen lives change overnight when close friends have unexpected medical issues or get beaten and robbed. We’ve also seen local believers transformed by the Gospel. I’m inspired by the struggle and resilience of the Cambodian people and am reminded daily of the privilege I experience just because of the time and place where I was born.

In my work this year at IJM Cambodia I have helped to develop monitoring and evaluation systems, participated in strategic planning, and grown close to many bright and talented professionals. God is using my professional background and experience for His work in the fight against child sex trafficking! Check out Kanya’s story to get a glimpse into our work.

Looking toward the months ahead, I will continue to work with IJM Cambodia as we expand our casework into new areas of injustice and evolve our strategies against sex trafficking. I will also continue learning the Khmer language and networking to see what God may have in store for our future. The kids will finish out the school year at Logos International School, Jen will take care of the homefront and remain active in the school parents’ association, and Susan will teach a variety of classes and age levels across two campuses with Asian Hope.

Our first year was fully funded through generous one-time and monthly support. Thank you so much to those who have already given and continue to give! At this time Chris, Jen, and Susan all need to raise additional support for our extension through June 2015. Would you consider giving to help us meet our goal? The easiest way to give is through International Outreach Ministries, which is one of our sending partners. Click the Paypal Donate button to make a tax-deductible one-time or monthly donation. After you click “Review Donation and Continue”, you can type our names in a box that says “For the ministry of”.

Jen’s Corner

It has been a year of ups and downs. The ups have far outweighed the downs! Cultural changes have been met with excitement, fear, joy and any other emotion you can think of. Hannah, Caleb and Jacob have enjoyed meeting new friends and have embraced our “new normal.” Over the past year life has become “normal.” This is our home for now and we know that God has us here for His purposes.

I have had the opportunity to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord. He has given me peace in the transitions and has blessed me with new relationships with fellow expats. A healthy support system both in country and at home in the States are essential to peace and joy in our work and lives here. I am thankful to the Lord for the work he has done in my family and me.

Update from Susan

This past year has been a challenging yet rewarding year for me as a teacher. I have been equipped by God to teach like never before. Everyday I go between two campuses helping children (K-10th) with learning difficulties or just struggling to catch up. This year I also teach science and social studies for Kinder through 2nd grade at Logos. The phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. It is such a joy to see these students’ desire to learn and perseverance. For a peak inside my schools, take a look at these websites – and It has been an absolute joy being at Logos this year with Hannah, Caleb, and Jacob. All this being said, I am a happy, fulfilled teacher but often very tired!

Prayer Requests

  • That God would grow us deeper in our relationship with Him and with other Cambodians and expats that He has put in our path
  • That God would continue to lead IJM Cambodia into new opportunities to protect victims of injustice and vulnerable people
  • That God would faithfully provide the financial support we need over the next nine months and prepare us for the next step
  • Susan – for focus and efficient use of time in my work, to show God’s love and joy to each student, and to be in His will all the time.



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