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Five Weeks and Counting



  • For Hannah and Caleb who will start school soon and say goodbye to their friends in September
  • For Susan’s house to lease
  • For Chris, Jen, and Susan to have consistent time with the Lord and abide in him
  • For International Justice Mission who are developing a complex case against a powerful former military officer (read more)

Five weeks and counting! On September 23rd we will be on a plane headed to our new life (for a year) in Cambodia. It is exciting, chaotic, and a little bit overwhelming, but we know the One who goes before us!

Here are just a few highlights from the last six weeks

  • We spoke with 8 LifeGroups and shared our journey with 121 Church and New Hope Church
  • A family from our LifeGroup at 121 Church will lease our house for the year!
  • Many people came out to Feedstore BBQ in Southlake to support us at a fundraiser event
  • Chris and Jen are at 72% of their fundraising goal. Susan is at 95% of her fundraising goal.
  • God had different plans for Susan in Cambodia. She will now be working as a learning support teacher with Asian Hope.

Over the coming weeks we will wind down life in Texas, Chris will attend a one-week training in Washington, DC, and then we will embark on our next chapter in Cambodia. We look forward to joining the many people that God has already called to Cambodia in his mission to make himself known among all nations.

Praise and a Prayer


PRAISE:  We LEASED THE HOUSE!  I have been stressed and crazy concerned about the process of leasing our house and finding tenants and working with management companies. This kind of stress and worry is beyond frustrating because you know you can do nothing to alter the outcome.  So, we were able to rent our house to some friends from church.  It is a great situation for them and us.  What a blessing.  Thank you LORD! Sorry I worried so much!

PRAISE:  We are moving right along in the planning and are now implementing much of those plans into action.  We purchased our plane tickets to Cambodia. We will leave Monday, September 23 at 12 noon!  Boxes are slowly being filled and packed and ready to move to storage. Letters are being written and sent out.  Meetings with groups to discuss the work of IJM in Cambodia are happening. We are greatly trying to guard our hearts from getting overwhelmed with the lists and tasks, thus losing sight of the reason we are going and the GOD who is calling us there! Lord keep us grounded in your calling for all of us!

PRAYER:  Speaking of that before mentioned “stress and worry,” we are still working diligently to raise our support for our trip.   We are at approximately 40% of our goal.  This includes one time donations and monthly pledges.  If you would like to support the work of IJM in Cambodia here is the link to the IJM Intern and Fellowship Page  Thank you LORD in advance for the provision!

Praise the Lord His plans are better than mine!  No matter how hard I work and plan and prepare at the end of the day it is Him who makes things happens, orchestrates the details and then gets all the glory!

June 2013 Newsletter


Phnom Penh Riverside


  • Chris and Jen to continue to gain strength in the Lord and not be distracted by the ever-growing to-do lists
  • That we will trust God to provide the funds for our expenses (mostly Jen)
  • The kids will grow more excited and will have peace as we begin the transition process
  • For the work of rescue and restoration that God is already doing in Cambodia

Wow! What a month! Let’s try something different. We are going to give a recap of June in the the lives of the Sains starting from the end!

June ended with an amazing Sending Team meeting at our church, 121 Community Church. Our sending team is a group of wonderful people who are invested in our lives and are devoted to helping us in all aspects of our preparation for our move, including organizing fundraisers, helping pack our house and most importantly praying for our family!

Caleb’s 5th birthday was June 26th! We celebrated with a large swim party at our house, a ride on the Forest Park train and some quality family time! It came up a few times that he will have his 6th birthday in Cambodia. The emotions were mixed: excitement for the new adventure and sadness about leaving our friends.

We (Chris and Jen) made our journey to the other side of the world during the second week in June. This was an amazing time! The purpose of our trip was to experience and research our new home for the next year. We spent about half of our time in the “downtown” area of Phnom Penh. We visited the IJM office, met with Chris’ coworkers, and joined them in their daily prayer time. We visited grocery stores, clinics and even computer repairs stores. **See our website for that story! The second half of our trip was spent in Toul Kork where the kids will attend school and where we will live. We visited with friends, looked into housing options, and visited more grocery stores! The Lord made it abundantly clear that we are called to Cambodia. His grace covered us the entire trip and He opened our eyes to see the amazing possibilities ahead.

As the months are ticking down we trust that God will lead the way! *as long as we continue to trust and follow His leading*

Pencil or Ink


So, this update should have been available about two days ago. However, this is the first day we have a working computer!  The promise I had given to many of you and to myself too was to blog as soon as possible.  Well, now four days into our trip here we are!

The drama began during the last leg of our flight to Phnom Penh.  Our computer blacked out and made beeping noises and began to heat up.  I am no computer genius, but I know that is not a good thing!  Of course Chris researched to find it was the RAM that had gone out. Thus began our adventure in Cambodia!

We have spent the last three days going to every iOne (apple store) in town. Asking in broken English and Khmer  “Can you fix this and where is the service center?”  We were sent from one store to another across every part of town and even followed the website to a location that no longer exists.  As we were on the hunt to fix the computer, we of course had other appointments and meetings.

Some things we did in the first couple of days:

**We had the opportunity to go visit the IJM office where Chris will be working in the fall.  We were taken out to lunch by interns that showed us around to see grocery stores, pharmacies, and such.

**We had an appointment with a real estate agent who showed us some housing options.  These options were way out of our price range, but it was a good experience and Chris was able to ask many questions about the rental process and systems in Cambodia.

**We had dinner with Christa and Ben at a fabulous little hole-in-the wall pizza place!

The appointments and lunch dates and dinner dates were all written in ink.  These things were not subject to change.  They were  booked.  We were relying on other people to be there and they were relying on us to show up!

The computer issue was nowhere in my schedule, pencil or ink.  The agenda we had set up for our “down time” in between all these appointments was changed drastically due to the fact that we were touring the city on our own with one goal: FIX THE COMPUTER so I can post to the blog.

In the hunt for apparently the only place in the city that could fix the computer, we had adventures and experiences that we would have missed had we stuck to our original agenda.  Most agendas are written in ink.  Those things in ink cannot change.  Most things that are in ink should really be written in pencil.  Pencil can be erased, edited, and added to.  When you try to write the schedule in all ink you can be setting yourself for disappointments and frustrations.

The rest of the story of the computer:  We finally found an iCenter store (another apple dealer)!  They had the RAM for $242.  OWWW!  No thank you!

We left the store and Chris looks up to see a random computer shop next door.   Guess what?  They had the same RAM for $40.  We were able to install it on the spot and the computer booted right up!

There are the things you plan ahead, and then there are the surprises along the way that lead you to new adventures, new parts of town, and even to a random computer shop!

May 2013 Newsletter


Phnom Penh

For those of you who haven’t heard yet: The Sain Family is moving to Cambodia in September. This is only for one year. Chris has a fellowship with International Justice Mission to help design programs that strengthen local law enforcement and judicial systems.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!! The verse that rolls over in my head often lately. The Sains are hitting it hard getting ready for our move overseas.

The move to Cambodia is now only FOUR months away. Seeing that in writing makes me realize now more than ever how much I must rely on the Lord and not my own strength.

Here is an update of some the happenings and things we are working on right now:


All three kids will be ending their school year soon. Caleb and Jacob, finishing year 2 and year 4 in preschool and Hannah, finishing 1st grade! Incredible how fast they are growing up!

Pray – the kids will finish strong and not be sad about leaving friends

School in Cambodia

We are happy to say, the kids will be starting school in the Fall at Asian Hope International School. We may keep them at home for a while when we first get to Cambodia, but if you know our kids, you know they are going to be wanting to meet new friends and learn new things as soon as possible!

Pray – for our kiddos and the children they will meet.

Sending Team

Our sending team will be ramping up and begin monthly meetings soon. They will be working on ways to support our family before we leave for Cambodia and while we are in the field. If you would like more information about how you can get involved you can contact Diana Richards at

Pray – for the team, that they can overcome any potential scheduling conflicts and find quality times to meet.

LifeGroup Visits

We have had some wonderful opportunities to speak at various life groups within 121 and with friends and family. If you are in a LifeGroup or know of a group of individuals who you think would like to hear about the work God is doing in Cambodia, please feel free to contact Jen at

Pray – for those who have heard what God is doing and Cambodia and those who will soon be learning more to have open and receptive hearts.

Cambodia or Bust

Chris and Jen are taking an exploratory trip to Cambodia the second week in June. This will be Jen’s first time in country! Chris one time expressed (jokingly) concern that when I get to Cambodia I might change my mind about moving. You know me, when I decide something, there is no turning back or changing my mind!

We are excited about our trip. We will be spending 7 days on the ground, looking for housing, touring the kids’ new school, exploring the city, visiting various historic sites including the memorials of brutal events that occurred 30 years ago (these may not be appropriate for our children to tour when they get there) and really just getting to spend time in the culture that we will be diving into in the fall.

Pray – for safe travel (20+ hours in the air), Mimi – taking care of our crew at home for the entire time, Jen’s heart to be as prepared as possible for the culture shock that will inevitably occur, Chris to see what God is doing in Cambodia and how our family will be a part of it

IJM News

IJM Cambodia: 3 Brothels Closed, Sex Trafficking Survivors Now Free

IJM Cambodia recently conducted a rescue operation in partnership with the Cambodian National Police. This is the team Chris will be joining in September as a program manager!


We are still working diligently to raise funds for our move to Cambodia. As you can imagine it is not inexpensive for family of 5 to move overseas, set up house and fund a household budget for a year. We trust that the Lord has called us and HE will provide exactly what we need to get there and serve the people he has called us to reach.

If you would like to financially support our family, one time or monthly donations can be given through IJMs website.

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